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Full Stack Developer, Drupal Professional, Project Architect

A few of my specialties:

About Jake

I've been in the Web Development field for over 20 years, and have focused primarily on Front End Development including Responsive Design over the past 10 years.

I've recently had the fortune to work on several major Drupal 8 projects, and also continue to build/maintain my contributed Drupal base theme, currently the #3 most used theme in Drupal.

My specialties focus on front end development by choice. I've been using PHP for nearly 20 years, and have extensive knowledge of backend development and project architecture, though I primarily develop for Drupal these days. The projects I work on are typically large and complex, usually requiring advanced multi-site/multi-environment setups. I've worked on Drupal projects requiring as many as 11 separate visual representations (at launch) for the same backend code.


I've had the pleasure over 20 years in the business of working on a vast variety of projects. Below you'll find my most recent or relevant projects broken down by category.

Open Source Projects

Most of my open source work can be found on Jake Strawn (himerus) on GitHub.com or Jake Strawn (himerus) on Drupal.org.

The list below is only a small sampling of my Open Source work. This section lists my most active or current projects, or ones that are the most relevant in the Open Source community. Visit my profile on Jake Strawn (himerus) on GitHub.com and Jake Strawn (himerus) on Drupal.org for a comprehensive list.

Omega Five

Omega Drupal theme

Omega is a project I started in 2009 after seeing a need in the Drupal community for a front end theme/framework that would allow novice users the ability to modify their theme without advanced (or any) knowledge of CSS and other technologies.

As time has gone on, Omega has stuck very hard to the belief that ALL users should be able to utilize the advanced features.



NodeMaker is a suite of modules I've been working on perfecting for ages, and is nearing completion for Drupal 8.

NodeMaker is currently a suite of content types and paragraphs for Drupal 8 that enable simple, and reliable content entry and management.


Omega.gs is a custom grid library being used with Omega Five in Drupal 8. The library is in a great need of update to a more modern layout system that doesn't use floats, but opts instead for Flexbox or CSS Grids.

Look for updates to this in the future.

Inline View Modes

Inline View Modes is a custom Drupal 8 module I've been working on in conjunction with NodeMaker. It offers the ability to add a new entity reference field that has an attached view mode option that will determine how the referenced content is rendered.

Professional Work

I have worked the past 10 years as a contract developer and consultant with a variety of great companies. I've had the pleasure of working on a wide array of projects that have continued to enhance and evolve my skill set.

Pet Projects

I'm always working on the next project that will pad my retirement fund or help fund my professional fishing career. Here, you'll see a list of anything that's relevant and/or currently active.

Open Source Chili

Open Source Chili Recipe

Open Source Chili is an interactive recipe to craft the best batch of chili you've ever made. Some day I will enter the recipe in chili cook-offs and then start selling it.

I've recently updated and launched the site using some of the fun stuff I was able to implement here on my personal site.

Drupal 8 Mapping Project

Unnamed Drupal 8 mapping project

This is a Drupal project I've been working on for around two years. It's a pet project that will be a benefit for both locals and visitors to Wolfeboro, NH.

It includes custom mapping of businesses, as well as a comprehensive set of paragraphs for content editors.

A link will be provided after launch, hopefully late 2018.

Look back for additional pet projects in the near future...

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